Safety Manual

Team 6813: Pangaea - Safety Manual 2019

ASB Robotics Workshop Guidelines and Permissions

General Safety Practices

  1. Eye protection must be worn at all times when working with tools and equipment.
  2. Power tools may not be operated unless the teacher is present.
  3. Compressed air can be dangerous; do not blow directly on the skin. Use under 35 PSI if used on your person. Turn on regulators slowly.
  4. If you are not certain if what you are doing is safe, stop and get your teacher.
  5. No open shoes, sandals or bare feet are allowed in a work area.
  6. Only a student who has passed his/her safety test may operate machinery.
  7. All loose clothing, jewelry, and long hair must be removed or confined.
  8. Sharp points and edges should always be carried facing down,if there is a cover then that must be on
  9. Damage to tools or equipment must be reported to your teacher immediately.
  10. Fires involving electrical equipment should only be extinguished with a fire extinguisher and not water.
  11. Any spilled liquids must be cleaned up immediately.
  12. Rags containing oil based or other flammable liquids must be put in a closed metal container.
  13. Your hands must be dry before touching electrical switches and plugs.
  14. Use a brush to clean chips, shavings, and small scraps from machines and workstations.
  15. All students must ask Mr. Kilbane for permission before using power tools.
  16. All special setups must be inspected and approved by Mr. Kilbane.
  17. Only the worker should occupy the work area around machines.
  18. Students are encouraged to use push sticks, push blocks, and feather boards whenever possible. Blades must be stopped before leaving the machines.
  19. You are expected to behave in a mature fashion. NEVER ENGAGE IN HORSEPLAY IN THE SHOP!
Incident Reports

Incident Reports