Zack Amiton

Team Captain & Awards Lead

I'm currently the leader of Team Pangaea, as well as Awards Lead and Lead Scout! I've always been a lover of all things STEM, and an avid writer, which, coupled with my love of video games, made joining Team Pangaea during our rookie year an easy choice! It's awesome to be a part of such a supportive community, and I'm excited to help work with such a talented group of kids this year! My biggest goal for the team is to see how we can best make an impact in our community, undertaking more outreach efforts this season, in order to help foster STEM education throughout Mumbai and the greater India community.

Rana Lulla

Team Captain, Driver, Electrical Lead

I'm currently the leader of the Outreach committee within Team Pangaea. I've been able to help the children and friends within Mumbai and spread the goals and values of FIRST, something that I truly enjoy doing. I love the competitive yet friendly environment that FIRST has to offer; both incentivizing teams to win but nevertheless being one of the most friendly competitive environments I've ever been part of. Outside of FIRST, I play games—namely Rocket League—and also play tennis, as well as programming games and other small programs.

Pari Pandey

Outreach Lead

This being my second year on Team Pangaea, I have enjoyed exploring areas in robotics and STEM and how they can creatively and scientifically make our world a more efficient and efficacious place. I have valued learning how to apply several skills, work with people from all walks of life, and of course, enjoy! I am a Third Culture Kid, and having lived in multiple countries, I also enjoy learning about different cultures and new languages. Along with FRC, I am in High School Jazz Band (playing the saxophone), the MUN Leadership Team, and a strong advocate for Student Voice!

Aryan Ambani

Build Lead

Interacting with other teams is something that I like about FRC. The environment at the competition is so positive and happy. Outside of FRC, I like to play computer games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. I also like to play football and tennis

Anant Singhal

Finance Lead

I joined the team as I am interested in pursuing a career in STEM, as well having an impact on my community. My favorite aspect of FIRST is the positive impact that we impart on our community and the creative outlet that it provides. I am a member on the finance team and the awards team, though I am happy to help any committee that needs it. Outside school, I enjoy playing and watching sports (football, table tennis and volleyball), hanging out with friends and playing video games.



Aaryan Sanghavi


This my first year as part of both the FRC and Team Pangaea. I really like FRC since I get to do something that I enjoy and to be in a great environment. Something I like to do outside of school is play video games like Call Of Duty, CS:GO and Fortnite. I also like playing sports such as soccer and cricket.

Anav Srinivas



Jiwoo Park

Outreach, Build

I am currently part of the Outreach Committee and Build Committee. I enjoyed being in part of Robotics outreach team last year thus decided to expand my experience with Outreach as well as with building and programming this year. Apart from that, I enjoy listening to music.

Sneha Galani


Rishi Chandan

Outreach, Build

I am currently a part of the Outreach Committee, as well as the Build Committee. I do not have much experience with building, and would love to expand that. Apart from that, I also do love robotics as a subject, since it is quite enjoyable and working in a team is even more fun. I enjoy teamwork.


Aryan Kothari


I was part of the Team Pangaea last year, but I couldn't travel due to conflicts with other activities. This year, I rejoined, as this is a great opportunity for me to learn new skills outside of the classroom environment. I am part of the Finance Committee, and am currently working on getting companies to sponsor our journey!


Prithvi Subrahmanyam


Paavani Agrawal


Ishan Gupta


Rohan Nath

Design, Build

I am currently part of the design committee and would like to be involved with the outreach team too. I enjoy designing and building and would like to expand my skills through designing the team logo, as well as the building component of the robot. I don't have much experience in programming, so would like to learn some of that in the process. I look forward to working with the team.


Maelys Clara

Media, Build

I am currently part of the Media Committee as well as Build. I enjoy building various things and I wanted an opportunity to improve and work on an actual robot alongside others. I also enjoy playing football and basketball!

Dev Khanna


Shailen Sheth