John Kilbane

John is a teacher of Computer Science and Making at the American School of Bombay. His background is in video game development and he has spent the past six years living in Mumbai, India promoting programming at all ages and Making within International schools. He has presented around the world on Gamification, Programming, and Making and is also author of the book Maker Minds, a guide for schools to integrate making. He has a passion for coding, video games, robotics, and sharing these skills with students of all ages.   


Kristopher Velez, more commonly known as Linus, has been an avid gamer, tinkerer, maker, and programmer since childhood.

Previously a video game developer, Linus fell in love with education while teaching game development to students at iD Tech Camps. He followed this interest to the American School of Bombay, where he researched and developed prototypes to test the impact Making & Tinkering has on student learning. He has authored two books based on his findings: Maker Minds and CodEd: Teaching Coding in the Classroom.

Linus then moved into a position as Director of Maker Learning at Consilience, where he applied the findings and practices from his practical experience to develop new programs that supported schools and teachers to implement learning through Making and building a Maker Culture in their unique contexts.

Currently, Linus has returned to the community he loves at the American School of Bombay to explore deeper practical approaches and systemic school-wide practices to support Constructionist education.

Audrey Pallas

Audry Pallas teaches 6-8th grade science at the American School of Bombay. She has been teaching science for the past eleven years, and this is her second international position. Her classes are taught through project-based learning and inquiry. She is passionate about the integration of STEM, recently graduating with her masters in STEM education. She is looking forward to attending her first robotics competition with Pangea.