John Kilbane

John is a teacher of Computer Science and Making at the American School of Bombay. His background is in video game development and he has spent the past six years living in Mumbai, India promoting programming at all ages and Making within International schools. He has presented around the world on Gamification, Programming, and Making and is also author of the book Maker Minds, a guide for schools to integrate making. He has a passion for coding, video games, robotics, and sharing these skills with students of all ages.

Nina Zinner

Nina has taught Grade 2 at the American School of Bombay for the past five years. She moved to India with her husband and two children, who are currently in high school. Nina is truly inspired by the team's passion for robotics and their efforts to promote STEM within ASB and the greater community! She regarded the FIRST competition in Sydney as a fantastic experience. Her favorite aspect of the competition was the relationship building between the various teams and the supportive, collaborative spirit that was pervasive for the entirety of the event!